Bill Lonero on The Defiant Machine, History, Music Licensing, Songwriting, and Sleeping 8 Hours

His band’s latest album The Defiant Machine was recently recognized by Guitar Player Magazine as one of the most noteworthy albums of the last 50 years. I’m talking about my new friend Bill Lonero. His band LoNero has also become known for creating the genre Guitar Core, which is a special brand of instrumental music that has a metal edge. Bill is also the founder of Straptight, a company that has innovated the concept of strap locks for guitar players.

Bill Lonero, Guitarist, LoNero, Founder at Straptight, Guitar Core

Our discussion traverses several topics, including but not limited to, Bill’s views on history, roots and influences, how bread-ties became the basis for a new business idea, music licensing, fan appreciation, where the music industry and many musicians “get it wrong,” songwriting, getting ripped off, getting 8 hours of sleep every night, the politics of music, and fun stories about Joe Satriani and Michael Burry, both of whom are among Bill’s friends.

Bill has amassed a wealth of experience during challenging times in the music business, and he shares his valuable insights in this episode. I took some great notes, and hope you will too.

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Show Notes

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