Unstarving Drummer Seeks Gigs in Panama

I’ve jokingly said to my wife that my next edition of The Unstarving Musician’s Guide to Getting Paid Gigs may include a chapter on how to NOT render yourself without transportation necessary to show up for a gig.  In case you’re reading my blog for the first time, we moved from San Jose, California to a rural town in Panama, Central America.  Upon arrival we purchased a vehicle which turned out to the lemon of all lemons, so you can appreciate my humor about this new chapter for my book. Continue reading

How Writing a Book Will Get Me Gigs

Want more gigs? Write a book.

I’ve been on gig hiatus in Panama since August, about three months now. My wife and I recently visited Arlington, Texas for the holidays, where I decided to organize a happy hour / book signing event, since I very recently published a book.

The Unstarving Musician’s Guide to Getting Paid Gigs: How to Get Booked and Paid What You’re Worth, Over and Over Again!

Me and a bunch of fine musicians at Chris Flynn's Tasty Holiday Jam, Dec 2016 at Bronco's Sports Bar, Bedford TXThis was a private event was for a few friends and acquaintances only, my personal DFW VIP list. It was also an excuse to get together with friends I haven’t seen in a while, and of course to drink a few craft beers. I did also manage to sign and sell a few books. Continue reading

Mean Faces - Justin Markovits

SF Bay Area Drummer Justin Markovits

SF Bay Area Drummer Justin Markovits

Justin Markovits (aka Plumber Drummer) is a fantastic SF Bay Area drummer and friend who I first saw at then hopping JJ’s Blues Bar of San Jose, California back in 2006. At that time, JJ’s was still well known for hosting great blues acts and consequently, great drummers. I happened to catch Markovits performing with Chris Cotton. The two had previously been part of an exceptional ensemble called Blue Eyed Devils. Justin brought a unique style and unforgettable edge to Cotton’s show, and I’m quite sure he’s doing more of the same today. Continue reading

Ollie Tanner's teaching studio

Get Paid as a Pro Drummer

Getting paid as a pro drummer can be a tough gig in and of itself.

I wrote this post to give drummers ideas to consider for making money as a pro. If you happen to be a non-drumming musician, there’s plenty that applies to you too. The avenues and strategies here are all discussed from a high level, but I’ve done my best to include resources where you can learn more. Continue reading