The Unstarving Musician Book

The update to my writing project, the working title of which is The Unstarving Musician’s Guide to Getting Paid Gigs, is that I’m starting the third draft. You can read first and second draft musings on my blog. One of my near term goals is to have this puppy published, and while I’ve not yet committed myself to a publishing deadline, I am in the process of researching copy editing and self-publishing resources. Shout out to my friends at Smart Passive Income and Youpreneur for lots of good info on the subject. Writing a first book is an interesting journey. For one thing, it took me months to get off my arse and start writing. I feel like the book is crap in it’s current state. At times the project leaves me feeling a bit overwhelmed. Apparently this is normal and common for first-time authors. Fortunately, I have a great support network. It’s gonna be good reading. I promise.

Featured Gig

A week of shows with Chain of Fools continues into St Patty’s Day weekend, at C.B. Hannegan’s. As I’ve told my friends and fans, Chain of Fools is a part acoustic trio, part electric quartet. I am of course responsible for adding the electricity. :) These guys are as vocally talented as they are creative, and the repertoire is rather eclectic. See dates, times and with whom I’ll be performing next on my Shows page.

Performing with Redwood, circa 2007