The Unstarving Musician Book

Roberto promo pic with drum setThe manuscript is done, and I’m applying the final touches for publishing on Kindle (paperback soon to follow).   As I mentioned in my last update, when the final editing was complete, I experienced a moment of excitement and a great sense of accomplishment, which lasted all of 30 minutes.  As I go about the business of publishing and marketing the book, I’m thankful for the great group of people who are helping me navigate the process.

Anyway, you’ll be hearing from me soon, assuming you’re on my list.  If you’re not on my list, but want advanced access to updates on the book and an opportunity to grab a pre release copy, complete the the form below or DM me on the Twitter (@robertorrh).

Thanks again to those of you who have been supporting my efforts thus far.  I’m still nervous and still excited about the rest of this journey.  Can’t wait to get this puppy in the hands of the public.